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Forum 7: electric energy substitution and innovative development of energy-saving technology and equipment

Holding time:

09:00-12:00, August 28, 2022 (Sunday)

Place of holding:

Sichuan Deyang Wende International Convention and Exhibition Center

Forum size:

150 people offline


Equipment industry development center of the Ministry of industry and information technology

Main content:

The forum plans to invite industry competent departments, representatives of benchmarking enterprises and relevant scholars and experts to introduce the latest progress in the innovation research of power substitution technology and the market practice of energy-saving technology and equipment around the energy revolution and the structural reform of the energy supply side, explore the path to achieve a win-win model of environmental, economic and social benefits, accelerate the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, technological transformation and power substitution, and effectively resolve the excess capacity of coal, Realize the transformation and upgrading of "coal to electricity" and help the high-quality economic development.


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