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About the characteristic town of clean energy equipment

2022-05-31 19:26:49



    Deyang clean energy equipment featured town is located in Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to Hanjiang Road in the north, Qilian Mountain Road in the East, Jialing Jiangxi Road in the South and Jinggangshan road in the West. The planned area is 4.82 square kilometers, and the construction period is from 2022 to 2025. The clean energy equipment town coordinates the three spaces of production, living and ecology, focuses on the development of the world's leading clean energy equipment industry, highlights the "four in one" of industrial community cultural tourism, and comprehensively constructs the spatial pattern of "one corridor, one core, three nodes and four areas". "One corridor" refers to the industrial culture corridor, "one core" refers to the core of the town, "three nodes" refers to the industrial development node, vocational education node and cultural and cultural innovation node, "four areas" refers to the modern living area, intelligent manufacturing area, innovation service area and cultural and tourism ecological area.


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