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About Deyang

2022-05-31 20:21:21


    Deyang is located in the heart of Chengdu Plain, Sichuan Province, covering an area of 5911 square kilometers. It now governs "one county, two districts and three cities" in Zhongjiang County, Jingyang District, Luojiang District, Guanghan City, Shifang City and Mianzhu City, a national economic development zone and a national high-tech zone. With a permanent population of 3.456 million, Deyang is an important node city in Chengdu Chongqing twin city economic circle and an important part of Chengdu metropolitan area.

    Superior location conditions. It is close to the provincial capital Chengdu and 50 kilometers away from Chengdu. It is the nearest prefecture level city to Chengdu. Focusing on building the best commuting city in Chengdu metropolitan area, it plans to build a "10 high (speed), 18 fast (speed channel) and 13 track (Road)" comprehensive transportation system in Chengdu and Germany. The ring expressway in Chengdu metropolitan area has been completed and opened to traffic. Major projects such as the north extension of Tianfu Avenue and the S11 line of Chengdu and Germany railway have been pushed forward in an orderly manner. The Chengdu and Germany bullet trains can be operated by public transportation in only 23 minutes at the fastest, and have been deeply embedded in Chengdu's half-hour economic circle. 


    Strong industrial foundation. The city was built on the basis of the national "three lines construction" layout, relying on industry to prosper and strengthen the city. It is China's major technology and equipment manufacturing base and the United Nations International Model City for clean technology and new energy equipment manufacturing. There are not only a number of domestic first-class and world-famous leading enterprises such as SINOTRUK, Dongfang Electric Power, Dongfang motor, Dongfang wind power, but also a large number of energetic supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. In China, 60% of nuclear power units, 50% of large steel rolling equipment and large power station castings and forgings, 40% of hydropower units, 30% of thermal power units and steam turbines are manufactured by Deyang. The output of power generation equipment ranks first in the world, and the export of oil drilling rigs ranks first in the country. At present, it has the world's largest 80000 ton die forging press, "Hualong No. 1" nuclear motor unit and other "national heavyweights", and has developed and produced more than 130 key parts of C919 large aircraft, cap1400 nuclear power turbine low-pressure rotor, a new generation of deep-sea floating drilling and other international leading products. Deyang is a major equipment supplier of countries along the "the Belt and Road". Its products are distributed in 161 countries and regions. Deyang International Railway Logistics Port and Chengdu International Railway Port jointly build a "sister port". The construction of comprehensive bonded zone and bonded logistics center (type b) is accelerating.

    The agricultural industry is developed. Deyang is one of the birthplaces of China's rural reform. Xiangyang town of Guanghan is the first town in China to take off the brand of "people's commune" and is known as "the first township in China's rural reform". It is a provincial high-quality grain and oil production base, ranking first in the province in terms of per capita grain share, unit grain yield and other indicators. It has built eight advantageous agricultural industrial bases, and Great Wall cigars, Jiannanchun and blue sword drinks are well-known nationwide.

    Profound cultural heritage. Ancient Shu culture, Confucian culture, virtue and filial piety culture and Three Kingdoms culture are blended and developed here. It is the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization. It has Sanxingdui site, which is about 5000 years ago and is known as the "Ninth Wonder of the world". Mianzhu New Year picture, one of the "four new year pictures" in China, is famous at home and abroad. Jinniu ancient road, pangtong temple and other three kingdoms cultural relics are all over the territory. A virtue and filial piety culture of three filial piety has been lingering for thousands of years, ranking first in the West Deyang Confucian temple, the third largest in China, is resplendent both ancient and modern. The beautiful mountains and rivers gave birth to a large number of talents and heroes, such as Huangjiguang, a super war hero, and Li Diaoyuan, the father of Sichuan Opera and Sichuan cuisine.

    Beautiful ecological environment. The natural scenery is "divided into two mountains, three plains and five hills". It integrates fertile fields, snow mountains, forests, lakes and mountains. It has won the honors of national cities such as China's excellent tourist city, National Garden City, National Forest City, National Health City, China's habitat environment model award, and national civilized city. It has two national geoparks and one national forest park.


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