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"Deyang made" hydraulic turbine generator unit put into operation in Pakistan large hydropower station

2022-06-01 19:35:09


  Recently, the reporter learned from Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. that the first hydro generator unit of Pakistan karot hydropower station independently developed by the enterprise has successfully completed the trial operation and officially put into operation, supplying power to Pakistan's national grid.


  It is reported that karot hydropower station is the first hydropower investment project in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, with a planned installed capacity of 720000 kW. Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. provides all four Francis turbine generator units for the project.


  Since the commencement of the project in 2015, Dongfang Electric has overcome a series of difficulties and challenges. The staff have adhered to the front line of the construction site for a long time to ensure the progress of the project and achieve the goal of the smooth operation and power generation of the first unit. According to relevant technical personnel of Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., after the project is put into operation for power generation, the annual average power generation is about 3.2 billion DWH. It is estimated that about 1.4 million tons of standard coal can be saved each year and about 3.5 million tons of carbon dioxide can be reduced. This power generation capacity can meet the electricity demand of 5million local people, effectively alleviate the power shortage in Pakistan, and is of great significance to promoting Pakistan's energy construction, economic and social development and serving the "the Belt and Road".



  (source: Chuanguan News)




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