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Promote clean energy technology cooperation by introducing innovation and combining the coordination of institutes and enterprises

2022-06-01 19:45:18



  In order to promote the rapid and high-quality development of Deyang in the field of clean energy equipment, break through the foreign technology blockade, realize the "smart manufacturing in China" of advanced clean energy equipment, and help achieve the goal of "double carbon". On May 25, 2022, led by Deyang Zhongke advanced manufacturing education center, Dongfang turbine Co., Ltd. went to Chengdu Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences to discuss clean energy innovation and cooperation.




  At the seminar, Dongfang turbine Co., Ltd. introduced the company's basic situation, technical advantages and development plan for key technologies and system solutions in the field of green and low-carbon new industries (energy storage, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy, etc.) under the double carbon goal. Dongfang turbine Co., Ltd. hopes to transform achievements and jointly tackle key technologies in relevant fields, and jointly promote the industrialization and commercialization of advanced clean energy equipment.




  Chengdu Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced the general situation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the development planning, research and industrialization in the energy field during the 14th Five Year Plan period, and made a specific introduction in the field of local heat energy, wave energy, biomass energy, natural gas hydrate, hydrogen energy, energy storage, smart energy system, etc. Chengdu Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that it would fully coordinate the scientific and technological forces of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, do a good job in the layout and overall planning of promoting production through science and technology, actively communicate and coordinate with Dongfang turbine Co., Ltd., strengthen the linkage of technology and industry, and serve the high-quality development of clean energy equipment.


  Deyang Municipal Bureau of science and technology hopes that Deyang China Science and technology advanced manufacturing education center will continue to adhere to the innovative, pragmatic and positive working attitude, firmly adhere to the goal of promoting the high-quality development of Deyang clean energy equipment through the integration of industry, University and research, deeply cultivate the "fourteenth five year plan" scientific and technological cooperation projects, drive enterprises and institutes, and promote scientific and technological projects to achieve the goals of positive, long-term, mutual benefit and win-win results, Fully realize the organic integration of innovation resources of CAS and Deyang equipment manufacturing industry, promote the rapid and high-quality development of clean energy equipment, and help the national "double carbon" plan.


  (source: Deyang Technology)


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